Sport Flood Light

12.50 KGS
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Do you manage or own an arena, stadium or concert hall? Maybe you're tired of replacing those 1000W metal halide bulbs you're currently using to light it.  This 300W sports flood light can replace a metal halide of up to 1000W and provide clearer light than your metal halide.  Its 50,000 hour lifespan will also save you a lot of money in servicing, as it lasts about five times longer than a metal halide. And finally, this light contains no chemicals or vapours which makes it better for the environment.  So, don't wait. Call Infinitum Energy and order your new LED sports flood light today!

Tech Specs

Input: 90-305 VAC
Power Factor: <0.95
Wattage: 300W
Efficacy: 130 LPW
IP Grade: IP65
CCT: 5700K